Realizing Our Mission, Vision, and Promise

Thomas’s student population is growing, and we’re making plans to grow with it. The future of Thomas will continue to look bright as we improve the quality of our campus environment with expansions and enhancements to our facilities.

In our strategic planning process, the Thomas community helped reinforce the College’s identity and goals, and we’ve organized a Campus Master Plan to reflect them. Developments to the Thomas College campus mirror our vision to provide quality educational opportunities, delivered by excellent faculty, in a first-rate environment. We do this in the building of new academic centers and residence halls and improvements to other facilities, all while embracing our natural amenities as a campus set along the banks of the Kennebec River and within the Waterville community.

Our plan is well thought out and flexible. We’ve arranged buildings and pathways to encourage a vibrant campus environment and a sense of place, but we’re ready to make adjustments to designs according to the changing demands at Thomas College. We’re thoughtful and flexible in preparing for Thomas tomorrow.


Thomas College prepares students for success in their personal and professional lives and for leadership and service in their communities.


All students will graduate and will have the knowledge, experience, professional and technological skills, and a strong sense of personal strengths and purpose to launch a career and meaningfully contribute to their workplaces and communities.

The Thomas Promise

Thomas brings promising futures within reach by ensuring:

Every student graduates:

  • with the knowledge, experience, skills and confidence to meaningfully contribute in their work, civic and family lives,
  • with a clear sense of their own personal strengths, passions and opportunities for success,
  • with a solid grounding in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity,
  • with an introduction to innovative approaches and basic entrepreneurial skills,
  • with high proficiency and fluency in technology, and 
  • with an understanding of and appreciation for diversity of cultures and perspectives

Every graduate student and non-traditional learner:

  • has access to a wide array of flexible learning opportunities that will enable them to advance in their careers and add value in their workplaces, and
  • believes that their investment of time and money is well worth it for the excellent skills and knowledge that they are gaining.